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What's a heritage building ?

The word ‘heritage’1 comes from the old French word ‘hériter’ which in English means ‘to inherit’. If you inherit something, it means you receive or are left with something that once belonged to someone else, most likely your parents or ancestors.

Learning historic heritage of the place you live, connects you to its people, stories, events and memories from the past that’s central to its present and future identity. And just as you might decide it’s important to take extra care of objects and qualities inherited from your own ancestors, it’s important to properly look after our heritage so we can pass them onto future generations for their benefit.

The phrase ‘historic heritage’ can be used to describe something that is tangible like objects, sites, archaeological remains and cultural landscapes; and it can also be used to describe concepts that are intangible like traditions, spiritual beliefs and languages, just to name a few. At the time of the initial launch of Archichips, the website has a sole focus on buildings2. However, it’s important to point out that buildings are just one type of historic heritage.

The entire list of heritage items in Christchurch can be found on a document called the Schedule of Significant Historic Heritage3 which is part of the Christchurch District Plan. Many of these buildings are also listed on the List by Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga, New Zealand’s national historic agency, which can be viewed here.

1 Also known as cultural heritage.
2 The team selected a number of heritage buildings that are in the vicinity of the Worcester Boulevard in the Central City.
3 Schedule of Significant Historic Heritage Chapter 9 Natural and Cultural Heritage » 9.3 Historic heritage » 9.3.7 Appendices » Appendix Schedule of Significant Historic Heritage